Fall Session

Winter Session

Spring Session

Summer Session


  • The Fall Term consists of: The Fall Session (Session 1) & the Winter Session (Session 2)
  • The Spring Term consists of: The Spring Session (Session 1) & the Summer Session (Session 2)
  • In order to receive financial aid for the Winter and/or Summer sessions students must be pre-registered by the 7th day of the Fall and/or Spring Term.
  • All Students must register for 12 or more credits in their major for both sessions by the 7th day of the Fall and/or Spring Term.
  • Financial Aid for each TERM will be disbursed during Session 1 (Please note the following changes) 
    • Students who are part-time in session 1 and do not pre-register for session 2 classes by the 7th day of the Term will not receive any additional Financial Aid for session 2.
    • Students who pre-register for Session 2 and do not attend any classes in Session 2  will be responsible to repay any financial aid received for session 2 classes.
  • Students who register for classes for the first time after the 7th day of the term (Fall or Spring) will have their financial aid based on the 7th day of the 2nd session (Winter/Summer)