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Art History Concentration


The Art History concentration at Kingsborough Community College prepares students for future study and advancement in this time-honored discipline that seeks to understand the history of objects, the development of artistic styles and their interpretation within historical contexts, and the roles artists have played in shaping and defining human cultures around the globe.  Students in this field, after further study, traditionally pursue careers in scholarship, teaching, and curatorial or administrative positions in museums and galleries.  Many other career options exist, however, in art consulting, auction houses, art authenticating, art libraries, and art publishing.  At the heart of any of these careers is a strong foundation in the history of art, which Kingsborough provides through a wide and diverse selection of courses designed to cultivate knowledge, to promote critical thinking, and to sharpen writing skills.

Students establish a firm art historical foundation with Art 33: Art History Survey I (Ancient to Renaissance Art) and Art 34: Art History Survey II (Renaissance to Nineteenth-Century Art), two required courses that give an overview of art’s history.  More specialized courses examine the art of particular periods or cultures.  

Art 22: Medieval Art

Art 23: Asian Art through Religion, Philosophy, and Politics

Art 30: Art and Activism

Art 33: Survey of Art History I

Art 34: Survey of Art History II

Art History Faculty


Art  35: Nineteenth-Century Art

Art 36: Twentieth-Century Art 

Art 37: Survey of Non-Western Art

Art 38: Renaissance Art

Art 39: History of Women in Art

Art 47: History of American Art

Art 50: Latin American Art

Art 81: Independent Study

Art 82: Special Topics in Art History 

Art 95: Modern Architecture and the Environment

Art 98: History of Modern Sculpture

In addition to our course offerings, art history students have the opportunity to participate in other ways, such as the Art History Club, whose meetings and events foster fun and friendly discussions of issues within the discipline.