Office of Student Affairs


Access-Ability Services

Dr. Stella Woodroffe – 


Damani Thomas – 

Child Development Center

Heather Brown – 

College Discovery Program

Brenda Vargas – 

Community Standards & Judicial Affairs

Damali Dublin – 

Counseling Center



Gerald Maitre – 

Health Center

Dorothy Gale – 

Men’s Resource Center

Dr. Michael Rodriguez – 

Military and Veteran Affairs

Tara Yarczower – 

Access Resource Center & New American Center

Hattie Elmore – 

Student Life

Maria Patestas – 

Student Union & Intercultural Center/Student Publications

Helen-Margaret Nasser – 

TRiO Student Services

Faith Fogelman – 

Wellness Center

Ilona Fridson – 

Women’s Center

Frances Robinson –
As advocates for our students, each of the departments within the Division of Student Affairs is responsible for supporting the co-curricular and developmental needs of the student body and for developing policies, programs and services consistent with the campus mission of providing a positive campus life experience for each student.
Additionally, members of the Student Affairs Division interact with a wide range of individuals and groups including SUNY system executives, legislators, business and community leaders, faculty, students and parents. Additionally, the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs serves as an advisor to the President, and the Division participates in the overall administration of the University with representation on the President's Cabinet.