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Media Access Protocol Communications and Marketing

Media Access Protocol

In order to facilitate media access to the College, while ensuring that the safety and security needs of the College met, the College requests that members of the news media who wish to come to campus contact the Office of Communications and Marketing at 718-368-6760. The College will exercise its best efforts to expeditiously process requests where there are exigent circumstances. 

CUNY recognizes that members of the media have the same rights as other members of the public to access the campus. Under this media access protocol, the College, in its discretion, may allow members of the media access to additional locations, provided that members of the media do not use College facilities in a manner that obstructs or disrupts college operations, otherwise interferes with the learning or working environment of members of the College community, or is unlawful.

Members of the media must obtain consent from members of the College community, including students, employees, and staff, prior to filming or photographing them.