Contemplative PracticesRick Repetti

Led by Rick Repetti (History, Philosophy, and Political Science), this group meets weekly at a chosen time each semester to engage in contemplative practices and to explore ways to integrate such practices into the teaching and learning environment.

​For more information or to join this group, please contact Rick at and take a look at our CUNY Academic Commons site.

Meditation Videos/Audios

Notes on Meditation, April 21: For My Campus Community

Meditation of April 2: Selective and Non-Selective Attention: No Bird Footprints in the Sky 

Meditation of April 6: Mindfulness of Breathing & Mindfulness without an Object

Meditation of April 9: Anchoring in the Breath, Engaging Mind in Breath, and Letting Go

Meditation of April 20: Awareness without Doing: Slipping into Meditative Being

Meditation of April 27: The Empty Bowl: Awareness as Container & Emptying It

Meditation of April 30: Checking In: Attending to What’s Present & Playing Frogger

Meditation May 4, Beginner’s Mind

Meditation May 7, Old Restful Turtle

Meditation May 11, Mindful Careful Loving Kindness

Meditation May 14, Inner Sanctuary and Watering Hole

Meditation May 18, Set Intention or Perspective: Conscious Nap

Meditation May 21, Orienting Awareness: Where, When, How, What? 

Meditation May 25 Before & After Enlightenment Chop Wood Carry Water

Meditation May 28, Philosophers on Introspection, Spatial Metaphors, and Elements of Nirvana

Meditation June 1, Releasing in Neutral Gear, with Breathing Mantra

Meditation June 8, Meta-awareness and the Phenomenological Subject or Perspectival Locus

Meditation June 15, Being Here Now in Space and Time