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Credit/No Credit Flexible Grading Policy

Distance Learning

Last updated December 15, 2020  8:30 am

Distance Learning






From: President Schrader
Sent: Dec. 13, 2020
Subject: Credit/No Credit Policy Implementation

Dear Students,

As we reach the final stretch of the Fall 2020 semester, Kingsborough has been authorized by CUNY to use the Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) option for a subset Fall 2020 courses. The specific courses that you will be able to use this option, will be determined by Friday, December 18.   

If the CR/NC option is available in a course you are taking, you will be able to choose to 

  • convert the traditional letter grade you earned (any grade from B+ to D-), into a grade of Credit(CR) or
  • Convert a grade of F to No Credit (“NC”). 

We will be providing you more information this coming week.  In addition, an easy-to-use guide will be posted on the website.

The final list of courses that will have the CR/NC option will be available Friday, December 18.

Please spread the word to your classmates and check your emails and this site this week for more information.  

Continue to do your best to finish strong. 

President Schrader