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Welcome to the Composition Program of KBCC. Our program offers two required courses: English 12 and English 24.

English 12, our Composition I course, is a required three-credit course that meets four hours per week. It is an introductory course in college-level reading and writing emphasizing the development of ideas in essays, including how language communicates facts, ideas, and attitudes. This course teaches writing as a process involving revision based on feedback from readers. Students learn how to develop college-level essays through close reading and intertextual analysis -- reading across and between texts drawn from various disciplines.

English 24, our Composition II course, is a required three-credit course that meets four hours per week. It is an interdisciplinary reading, writing, and research course focusing on the various ways knowledge is produced and articulated within the academy. Through an interdisciplinary process of inquiry, students of English 24 will engage in several research projects, each of which will require them to deepen their knowledge of different modes of research and information literacy. Students must pass English 12 before taking English 24.

  • Department of English
    Kingsborough Community College
  • 2001 Oriental Blvd.
    Room C-309
    Brooklyn, NY 11235
  • 718-368-5849 (phone)
  • 718-368-4786 (fax)

Coordinators, Composition Course Sequence

  • Room C309B