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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Department of Behavioral Sciences?

The Department of Behavioral Sciences offers degrees in:

  • A.A. Criminal Justice
  • A.S. Education Studies

Courses in Anthropology, Sociology and Psychology are also offered.

How do I change my major?

All students interested in changing their major should obtain a change of major form from the Office of the Registrar (A-101). Students should then meet with an advisor who could assist them in completing the form and ensuring that making the change is appropriate based on factors such as their career goals, number of credits already accrued, financial aid status, etc. Once the form is signed by the student and advisor, forms get returned to A-101.

Is there tutoring on campus?

Yes, there is free tutoring on campus provided by tutorial services in L-605 for some anthropology, psychology, and sociology courses. The phone number for tutorial services is 718-368-5118. Students need to go to L-605 to obtain an application and then have it signed by their instructor. Once the application is signed, students need to return it to L-605 and it will take approximately 2-3 days to get processed. If you are starting to experience difficulty in any course, inquire with Tutorial Services as soon as possible to ensure that there is a tutor available to help you.

How do I know which textbooks I will be using for my classes?

Students have a few different options for finding out which textbook they will be asked to use in a particular class. Many of the faculty in the Department of Behavioral Sciences use Blackboard and, as such, professors may have their syllabus posted before classes begin with information about the textbook necessary for that course. Students can also visit the KBCC college bookstore, where they can look for their section and see which book is being required. Lastly, students can wait until the first day of class and speak to their instructors. Once you know which textbook is being required, there are many options for obtaining it. The KBCC bookstore has new and, often, used copies of the textbook for sale along with the option to rent a textbook for the semester. Textbooks can also be purchased in an electronic version through the publishing company. For more information, contact or visit the KBCC college bookstore at 718-368-5500, room U100.

Where do I go to get assistance in selecting courses for my major and registering each semester?

Students enrolled in one of the programs within the Department of Behavioral Sciences need to go to the respective major office and make an appointment to meet with a faculty advisor. The programs are as follows:

  • Criminal Justice (Room D-318, ext. 4640)
  • Education (Room V-116, ext. 5878)