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Have you wondered how your cell-phone or GPS navigation systems work? How about weather forecasts, MRIs and CAT scans? Are you amazed by the internet and space travel? The fascinating thing is that there is one aspect common to all these, and innumerably more marvels of science and modern society: mathematics.

Mathematics is the foundation of all science, and is the language in which scientific laws are expressed. What started in ancient times as an investigation of numbers and shapes is now a vastly developed subject in its own right and used crucially to further investigations in a wide variety of other subjects.

Given the malleability of mathematics as a tool to be used in a wide variety of disciplines, knowledge of the subject is very rewarding from a career point of view. Mathematical proficiency is sought after not just in scientific fields, but also in accounting, music, art, economics and statistics. People with mathematics degrees can be employed as computer scientists, accountants, actuaries, statisticians, economists, data scientists and security analysts, to name just a few career choices. Of course, one can study mathematics in its own right and enjoy an academic career teaching and doing research in the subject.

At Kingsborough we offer a wide variety of mathematics courses to choose from, starting with basic arithmetic and algebra, leading up to calculus, differential equations, logic and set theory. For non-STEM majors we offer math classes that emphasize the role of mathematics in other disciplines. Take a math class and enjoy the pleasures of rigorous and precise thinking, and get started on your way to a rewarding career.

Resources for Accuplacer Math Placement Tests

Kingsborough may allow some students to take a math test to determine placement into the appropriate math course.  If you opt to be tested for course placement purposes:

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