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-Reproductive System Problem Page-

1. Choose one of the problems described below.
2. Prepare your solution as a word document.
3. Send it to your professor as an email attachment. You will receive an email response.

Problem #1:A teen-ager is given birth control pills to help regulate her menstrual cycle, which is irregular in duration. A young woman of 25 is advised by her doctor not to stay on birth control pills longer than 5 years. A woman of 56 is given hormonal therapy to relieve some of her symptoms of menopause. Utilize the Internet to answer the following questions:

1. Which hormones are being utilized in all these medical therapies?
2. What is the difference between birth control pills containing both estrogen and progesterone and the mini-pill?
3. How do these hormones work as contraceptives?
4. What are the possible side effects of taking these hormonal products? Do these side effects vary for the different age groups being treated with these hormones?
5. What are the sources for the hormones used in these products?

Problem #2: A woman of 37 years suffers from vaginal bleeding and pelvic discomfort and is recommended for a hysterectomy by her gynecologist. Utilize the Internet to answer the following questions:

1. What is the difference between a hysterectomy, an o phorectomy, and a salpingectomy?
2. Would the woman require hormonal therapy after a hysterectomy? Which procedures listed in item 1require subsequent hormonal therapy?
3. Using hindsight, it is realized that not all hysterectomies are necessary from a life-saving point of view. But many hysterectomies (about 300,000 per year) are performed. What are the reasons that so many of these procedures are performed on American women annually?

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