Bursar Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is office hours
A. Monday - Friday 9:00am to 5: 00pm. Late hours Tuesday and Wednesday until 7:00pm when classes are in session.

Q. Where can I find bursars office?
A. Office located in room A205. 

Q. What is the phone number for Bursar
A. 718-368-5416

Q. How much it cost to attend Kingsborough?
A. KCC cost chart

Q. How can I pay my tution bill?
A. You can pay online via cunfirst by e-check and credit card or cash payment at the bursars office.

Q. How to get tution bill?
A. You can come to bursar and we will print it for you or you can go to Student center/Finances/drop down menu on the left, choose e-bill.

Q. Do you offer payment plans?
A. Yes you can sign up for Nelnet payment plan via Cunyfirst.

Q. What do I need to purchase parking permit?
A. Your tution bills has to be 0.00 .Please have your KCC ID , your plate number and a paymet for $55.00 per term.

Q. What do I need to do to get reisdency tuition rate?
A. If you leave outside NYC but in NY state you will need to provide county residency certificate within 60 days for tution to be adjusted.

Q. Do you offer discount on tuition bill?
A. We do not but you can see financial aid office and see what grants or scholarships you can apply for.

Q. How can I reach collection agency?
A. ACT 844-743-1302 LGS 718-625-2805 extension 114,116,118,119

Q. Can I print 1098-T?
A. You can print 1098-T from Cunyfirst account: Student center/Finances/Drop down menu left choose 1098T.

Q. Will it affect my financial aid if I drop classes?
A. Yes it may affect. Please call Financial Aid office to find out if your awards will get reduced.

Q. How much I will get charged for tuition if I drop classes?
A. Dropped course cost table