The Department of History, Philosophy, and Political Science includes an engaged group of historians, dedicated to inspiring students through teaching and scholarship both within and outside of the classroom. The faculty is highly active in the professional field of history, maintaining a presence at national conferences, symposia, and in publications.  Many of the department’s courses fulfill requirements for writing intensive classes and for the new civic engagement graduation requirement.

The department’s course offerings in world history are balanced between traditional chronological survey courses, as well as thematically-organized courses. In world history, the department’s particular areas of curricular strength include the history of Central and Eastern Europe; the Middle East; Africa and the Caribbean; as well as Jewish history.

The department’s course offerings in U.S. history are also balanced between traditional chronological survey courses and thematically-organized courses.  “U.S. History in a Global Context” provides another perspective on the traditional survey course.  “Modern America” focuses on 20th century U.S. history.  Several thematic courses explore the history of large social groups in the United States such as women and immigrants, as well as the histories of specific racial/ethnic groups such as African Americans, Jewish Americans, and Italian Americans.  A popular thematic course is “The History of New York City.”

Students interested in pursuing a major in history at a four-year college are especially encouraged to follow the suggested sequence for World History or U.S. History courses available on the course website; following such a trajectory allows students to structure their courses as to maximize their learning experience.