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Welcome to the Class of 2023 Webpage! Here, you will find the instructions that you need to follow to make sure you are ready to earn your degree.

Graduation/Commencement vs. Degree Conferral

Graduation/ Commencement and Degree Conferral are not the same.

  • Graduation/ Commencement is the ceremony which celebrates your graduation from KCC. Participation in the Graduation/Commencement Ceremony does not signify degree conferral. It is merely attending the ceremony.
  • Degree Conferral is the date that your degree is considered official.

*Below, please find the Degree Conferral Dates along with Graduation/Commencement activities in which you may be eligible to participate:

Completion Term Degree Conferral Date Eligible to participate
in Commencement Activities
Fall Session A 2022 January 31st, 2023 June 2023
Fall Session B (Winter) 2023 June 30th, 2023 June 2023
Spring Session A 2023 June 30, 2023 June 2023
Spring Session B (Summer) 2023 August 31st, 2023 June 2024