What are faculty saying about LCs?

“Now that we are reaching the end of the semester, it’s amazing to see the ways in which these students, from nearly as many countries as there are students, have become a family: how they look out for one another and encourage one another and help one another study and learn inside and out of class. This is the best program I’ve been involved in at KBCC in my nine years teaching here.”


“[A] Shared assignment has involved oral presentations in Speech and scaffolding parts of [an] essay with Sociology – this allowed [students] to broaden their views as well as analyze the characters, events, and issues in the novel from a sociological perspective.”


“One student, as part of a Reading Circle activity that scanned Great Depression information over a number of text chapters, went to the board to lead a comparison of Hoover/Bush and Roosevelt/Obama. He took my marker, wrote categories and key words as he moved back and forth and talked, facing the students, about the comparisons. It took about seven minutes. This was a student who barely said a word in the beginning.”


“I write many more notes on the board than I used to, and this has also spilled over into my non-linked classes—I try to explain concepts in more detail and clarity, especially for the sake of students whose language skills are limited. I think I’m a more conscientious teacher now than I was previously.”