Learning Communities for Freshmen

Samantha Sierra

For more information, please contact Samantha Sierra at Samantha.Sierra@kbcc.cuny.edu or at 718-368-4903.


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Incoming freshmen can enroll in a learning community that includes SD 10 – Kingsborough’s First-Year Seminar. SD 10 will help you learn to navigate the College, and your SD instructor also serves as your academic adviser.

Here is an example of a freshman learning community...


For more than ten years, the fields of psychology and education have drawn upon the concept and practices of mindfulness to help cultivate moment-to-moment awareness in the people they are helping. Scientific studies of mindfulness in the classroom show that it helps students focus, decreases their anxiety, and makes their learning experiences more enjoyable. This learning community links Basic Reading and Writing (ENG 93), Introduction to Psychology (PSY 11), and Student Development (SD 10) using the theme of mindfulness. As part of this link, students will be asked to engage in lessons, reading and writing assignments, and classroom activities with close attention to their own thoughts, feelings, and reactions.