Service Learning: Strategies for Engaged Learning
  If you want to truly understand something, try to change it - Kurt Lewin.  

Service learning offers a dynamic, hands-on approach to teaching and learning that integrates meaningful real world opportunities into coursework.  While research has demonstrated the benefits of service learning as a high impact and active pedagogical strategy that is particularly effective in engaging students of color, many practical and theoretical questions remain.  These include: What is service learning exactly and how can I effectively integrate service within my discipline (i.e., math, science, arts. etc.)?  Where does the learning take place in service learning?  Is it possible to include service learning and cover all I have to do in my class?  What resources are available on campus?  In this faculty inquiry group, we will collectively address these questions and others, with the goal of identifying concerns, needs for support, and developing faculty capacity.  We will share syllabi, review reflective pedagogical practices, look at various models of service learning in and out of the classroom, and discuss challenges and opportunities.
 Caitlin Cahill
This group is facilitated by Caitlin Cahill (Behavioral Sciences) and for more information, please contact KCTL at