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Kingsborough Community College's AS in Journalism and Print Media is CUNY's sole journalism program awarding degrees for students pursuing an Associates degree.  The program prepares students to transfer to the senior college level where they may continue their studies in Journalism and Print Media; it is also designed to enable students, should they wish it, to begin a professional career upon graduation from Kingsborough.

The Journalism and Print Media program's three core courses serve as a foundation for higher learning and provide enough training to adequately prepare graduates to take their place in the workforce. Critical thinking, close examination of texts, and effective writing are emphasized throughout the sequence.

Journalism 31: Introduction to Journalism (3 crs. 3 hrs.)
Journalism 32: Advanced Journalism (3 crs. 3 hrs.)
Journalism 44: Feature Writing (3 crs. 3 hrs.)

NOTE: Your particular degree requirements correspond to the College Catalog for the semester/year you entered Kingsborough or last changed your major. Click here for a catalog earlier than the current catalog.

Journalism and Print Media

Requirements: http://www.kbcc.cuny.edu/registration/Documents/2013-2014_Catalog.pdf#page=68

Course Descriptions: http://www.kbcc.cuny.edu/registration/Documents/2013-2014_Catalog.pdf#page=138