Art Department

The Art Department at Kingsborough Community College is dedicated to providing a comprehensive program of study in the visual arts, designed to prepare students of diverse life experience for either continued baccalaureate study or immediate entry into a range of visual art professions.

To achieve this we provide a structured and supportive environment in which students are trained in both traditional and emerging technologies. We have carefully constructed degree programs that allow enough flexibility for students to work in their area of interest, while developing a solid foundation in all aspects of visual thinking through well-rounded foundation courses and the college's offerings in the humanities and liberal arts.


Fine Arts
Course Descriptions and Requirements Fine Arts.

Graphic Design and Illustration
Course Descriptions and Requirements Graphic Design & Illustration

New Concentration in UX (User Experience) Design

Looking for a fulfilling and rewarding art-related career that combines technology, business, and design? Kingsborough’s new UX Design Concentration provides a firm foundation for success in this growing field that focuses on user experience (UX).  By creating digital interfaces and platforms—mobile apps and websites—based on functionality and user needs, UX designers are shaping and defining our experience of the virtual world.  This concentration is perfect for creative, design-oriented individuals with a moderate comfort level with computers and strong communication and teamwork abilities, who may or may not possess a traditional skill set in the visual arts.  Following the completion of required coursework in Graphic Design, our three new courses will help prepare you for this 21st-century career: Human Centered Design (Art 25), which focuses on user research and team strategies; UX Visual Design (Art 26), which teaches the process behind visually-compelling interface development; and Coding for Designers (Art 27), which puts UX theory into practical, hands-on experience.  The invaluable skills you will learn, from collaborative problem-solving and user research, to coding and analytics, offer a wide range of future career possibilities in the ever-merging worlds of design and digital commerce.