Sheepshead Bay High School
Brooklyn, New York

By: Student Advisory Board Members - Monique Almodovar, Francais Salamalay

College Now at Sheepshead Bay High School is not only a class. The courses are especially designed to bring together the most motivated and intellectually gifted students in the school and allow them to engage in activities and gain knowledge that would only be extended to them in college. The College Now classrooms tend to be some of the best, equipped with high-tech gadgets such as SmartBoards, brand new projectors and even in some cases, fully functional computer labs.
Mr. Zervas - Sheepshead Bay HS
Mr. Zervas - Sheepshead Bay HS
Sociology (BSS 1 - 3 Credits) is the most commonly taken class in Sheepshead Bay. Mr. Zervas, the Greecian-born funny man, makes class enjoyable while all the while weaving in quirky relations to social deviance and even pointing out the deviance in the children's behavior in class. Mr. Zervas cracks a joke (photo right) on a student and manages to keep a straight face.
JiaYing Chen - Sheepshead Bay HS

JiaYing Chen is shown writing down the daily aim provided by Mr. Zervas.
Sheepshead Bay HS College Now BSS 1 students.

The students don't only LISTEN. They are encouraged to participate in group activities. Here, two students are shown comparing notes.

Sheepshead Bay HS College Now BSS 1 students.
Two students are mesmerized by the professor's lecture.
Despite the seriousness of Sociology, the class is both amusing and enlightening. The students are all opinionated and interested. This doesn't only apply to the Sociology class. The English, Math and College/Career Planning classes are all the same.

College Now classes at Sheepshead Bay High School are the perfect opportunity to really get serious about your future.