New Dorp High School
Staten Island, New York

By: Student Advisory Board Members - Saveen & Benny TatlaOur thanks to: All teachers who participated

The College Now Program at New Dorp High School offers our students an opportunity to experience college level courses with instructors who are very knowledgeable in their fields. The students who take advantage of this program not only receive college credits but get a head start on how to prepare for the college experience. College Now is a program that helps many and educates many.
New Dorp HS
This is one of the smaller classes with a few students participating in the Business College Now class BA 10 at New Dorp High School. Other classes are just the opposite with a larger group of students.

When asked, every student will agree that this program is very helpful. It not only educates, but prepares the students for what their future is going to be like. Students are as eager to learn as the teachers here at New Dorp are to teach. We can say this from personal experience. Before becoming Student Advisory Board Members, we took this Kingsborough Community College class as just an extra credit class. After enrolling in this program, we learned so much and enjoyed every aspect of this journey. Mr. Vikos, the business teacher at New Dorp, teaches with such passion that he can change and provoke just about anyone to participate in his class.
Shannon Hood, like most students arriving bright and early at New Dorp for her College Now BSS 1 Sociology class.
New Dorp HS

Waking up so early is not a problem for the students here at New Dorp High School. When you have such interesting classes like Science with Dr. Spindler or Sociology with Mrs. Richards, who could complain about waking up 45 minutes earlier. There is something about the way these teachers teach. They have such compassion and love for the subjects. We not only pass all our exams, we also have fun learning the things other students would find boring. Students gain a sense of maturity and because they are treated like college students, begin to act as if they really are college students. At New Dorp, everyone helps each other out to make a team of excellence. Students never hesitate to participate and are always volunteering to do group work.
New Dorp HS
Mr. Vikos teaches with passion about a concept during a marketing discussion in his
College Now BA 10 Business class.

Student Le Chen (left) making a presentation in Ms. Gambale's (right) College Now SD 10 class regarding her choice of college. She can participate in front of her entire class now with courage.
New Dorp HS

This program is not just an easy credit as some might say. The teachers and students know very well the seriousness of the class and what has to be done. At New Dorp, teachers ask thought-provoking questions and students share relevant information. The students know the advantage they have over other students and will not do anything wrong to jeopardize their spot in the class. Almost every student is glad that they have chosen to enroll in this program.

Over the years, through the College Now program, most of the students at New Dorp High School have become a family of some sort. After completing a subject, every single student always signs up for another subject and another term. When asked, students will tell you that they never regret joining the College Now program. It is mainly because, College Now is a wonderful program that gets them started on the road to the future.
New Dorp HS
Fellow classmates, Jahanger and Zeeshan Sattor, working as a team in the computer lab on a science project for Dr. Spindler's College Now SCI 1 course.

New Dorp High School - Staten Island, New York