Franklin D. Roosevelt High School
Brooklyn, New York

Student Advisory Board Photojournalism Project

Franklin D. Roosevelt HSTIME & MONEY are the most valuable things in our life. Enrolling in the College Now Program saves TIME and MONEY! College Now offers VARIOUS FREE COLLEGE courses. We can earn up to 9 college credits at NO COST during our high school years. Furthermore, no matter which career field we are interested in, College Now has a suited course for us to open our eyes to that particular field. With all those valuable experiences we gain from taking distinct College Now classes, we are ready for the college freshman tournament; even more advance, we are ready to be juniors when we need to declare our major since we are very determined about our major. College Now allows us to step ahead and achieve much more than our peers while we are having the exact amount of time and money.SCI 1 College Now students

College Now course SCI 1 (Issues in Science)
. This class allows us to have the most updated information about science. We study the current top issues such as cloning, stem cell research, genetic engineering and so on. The most exciting part is that we are actually going to dissect eyes, hearts and brains of animals. In that way, we get to understand the structure and how organs function in a more sophicated way. This course has been recognized as the most fun and memorable class by almost all former students.

BA 10 College Now students

Now course BA 10 (Introduction to Business Administration). This is an introductory business course. It covers different topics that relate to the competitive business world. The following are some toopics that are covered: Marketing and Investments, Stock, Exploring Global Business, Being Ethical and Socially Responsible, Different forms of Business Ownership, Banking and Credit etc. It's an extremely substantial course; within one semester, it really opens our eyes to the business world!

HUM 1 College Now students

College Now course HUM 1 (Sociology). This is an introduction class of the behaviors of the human society. It covers different subjects such as social control in society, how the media affects humans and the different types of influence they have on people, social status, and also human vs. nature etc. This is an influential class that can have you wondering and questioning more about humans and why certain actions are taken. This is one of many classes that will keep you thinking and, before you know it, actually incorporating it into life without even realizing it. It is one of many classes that is taught in a modern setting yet connecting it with things that we do today and those of the past while always keeping students well involved and informed.

College Now students at FDR HS
College Now students at FDR HS
College Now students at FDR HS