Kingsborough Community College Assessment 

What is Assessment?

Assessment of student learning is an iterative, reflective process that uses student-generated materials (e.g., papers, presentations, answers to a prompt) in order to gather information about student learning.

Rather than using assessment as a summative process, where departments periodically report on student success in their programs, assessment at Kingsborough is a formative process, where departments regularly collect information about their students’ learning experiences and use that information to reflect, discuss, and brainstorm ways to best respond to the ever-changing needs of their students.

Continual assessment of student learning is crucial to fulfilling the Kingsborough Community College mission and vision:

  • Responding to the needs of the diverse community. By assessing student learning, the school can better understand the needs of the students, identify best practices for supporting those specific needs, and analyze the impact of programs, supports, and resources on student learning.

  • Ensuring equity and striving to provide each student with the appropriate resources and supports. Kingsborough strives to create equitable assessments that help better understand where students are and ensure that they receive the resources and support they need to succeed when transferring to a new school or entering the workforce.

  • Striving for high quality and continuous improvement in all areas related to student learning. Systematic, sustainable, and continual assessment practices ensure that all programs are continually focusing on ways to maintain high quality and continually strive to make improvements to the student experience.

Assessment is reflective

Rather than simply collecting data and reporting numbers, the assessment process is meant to allow faculty to reflect on their own teaching and experiences with students. 

Assessment is cyclical

Assessment is more than a simple reporting mechanism. Rather, it is a cyclical process that involves using the results of assessment studies to drive improvement. The data collected will be used to create an action plan, including a description of any changes to be made as well as a plan for following up to see whether the changes are effective.


Assessment occurs at all levels

Assessment starts with interactions between faculty and students, but it can be used for much more than providing feedback to students or allowing faculty to reflect on their teaching. When taken in aggregate, assessment can be useful at all levels:

  • Class assessment

  • Program assessment

  • General Education assessment

  • Institutional Assessment

This page is designed to assist individual faculty in engaging in assessment at all levels.  If you have any questions about assessment, or suggestions of additional resources or information you would like to see on this site, please reach out to the Director of Assessment, Dr. Colleen Davy, at