Transfer In

Frequently Asked Questions for Transfer-In Students

  1. How do I get credits from my other college transferred and evaluated at Kingsborough?

    You must request official transcripts from your previous college be sent to Kingsborough. Once your official transcript(s) is received, the Registrar's Office will conduct an official evaluation of your credits and send you a pink copy of the Advanced Standing form in the mail.
  2. Will credits from my foreign college transfer?

    It depends. Applicants must request that all official transcripts and documentation from the college you were attending be sent directly from the institution issuing them to CUNY/University Application Processing Center (UAPC). Students from Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan must request official university-issued mark sheets from the controller of examinations. Once UAPC has translated your foreign documents, the Registrar's Office at Kingsborough can conduct an evaluation of your credits.

  3. How long will it take to complete a degree at Kingsborough as a transfer student?

    The amount of time it takes to complete an Associate's Degree at Kingsborough partially depends on how many credits have transferred from your former institution and partially on the curriculum (major) you choose at Kingsborough. The credits that are accepted are determined based on the requirements of the major you have declared at Kingsborough.

    Kingsborough accepts a maximum of 30 credits from other accredited institutions, provided that
    • Each course was completed with a satisfactory grade (C or better from non-CUNY schools, D or better from CUNY schools)
    • The course content is equivalent to a Kingsborough course
    • The course satisfies the student's graduation requirements. Students must complete at least 30 additional credits at Kingsborough to earn their degree
  4. In addition, students can see a Transfer Advisor in M-101 to determine which specific courses are required to complete their degree.

  5. Do I have to take the CUNY Entrance Exams even though I'm a transfer student?

    The answer to this varies widely from student to student. As a general rule most students have to take the CUNY exams for placement purposes. However, if you are transferring from another CUNY college and have already taken the exams, you may transfer your scores and do not need to be tested upon entrance to Kingsborough. For questions about test exemption guidelines and procedures, you may call the Testing Office at 718-368-4975.

  6. Do I have to re-apply for Financial Aid?

    If your financial aid has already been processed, you need to fill out and mail a TAP Change Form to change your school code. Kingsborough's school code for TAP is 1402. In addition, if you are from a non-CUNY school, you also need to request a copy of your Pell SAR. When you receive it, give it to our financial aid office along with your proof of income. If you have not yet applied for financial aid, you must apply at If you have any questions contact the Kingsborough's Financial Aid Office located in Room U-201 or at 718-368-4644.

  7. If I change my major at Kingsborough, will the credits from my former college be automatically re-evaluated and placed onto my Kingsborough transcript?

    No. Once you fill out a change of curriculum form to change your major at Kingsborough, you must also file an Application for Advanced Standing at the Registrar's office in A-101 to have your credits re-evaluated to fit the requirements of your new degree.

For questions regarding transferring into KCC, please email us at: