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When you make a gift to Kingsborough Community College you are making an investment in the future. Your gift will provide critical financial support for students and enrich their college experience.

We are proud to present a selection of scholarship recipients who explain how your investment in their future allowed them to pursue their education at Kingsborough. We invite you to meet our students:


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Student Profiles
 Ana DeLeon

Ana DeLeon
Regina S. Peruggi Endowed Scholarship Major: Business Administration

So here I was, 28 years later, giving both Kingsborough and myself another chance. But this time around, I wasn’t some young and defiant 15-year-old. Through all my trial and error, I’d learned that I was the kind of person who either excelled at something 100%, or failed at something 100%. So I chose to excel, and now I am graduating as a Presidential Scholar, a member of Phi Theta Kappa, and a proud recipient of the Regina S. Peruggi Endowed Scholarship.”


John Johnson
Creative Writing Scholarship Award, Jack Kent Cooke Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship
Major: Liberal Arts

"My early life was defined by gangs, violence, drug abuse and problems with the law. I was lost back then, but I always had intellectual curiosity and a desire for a better life. Kingsborough helped me find myself by allowing me to explore my interests and passions. This year, I received the Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship, one of the most prestigious nationwide scholarships there is, and I will be attending New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts this fall. My story is possible thanks to this amazing college."

 Chaya Aaron

Chaya Aaron
Karen Karlin G.E.D. Scholarship
Major: Mathematics

Growing up in Borough Park, Brooklyn, Chaya had only ever attended strict religious schools. When she left both her school and Orthodox Judaism at age 17, she lacked the regents diploma necessary to be considered a high school graduate. Undeterred, Chaya then earned her GED at Kingsborough, where she has since flourished as an honors student. “Professors here are both demanding and caring,” she says, citing professors Eben Wood and Kamili Posey as influential mentors. Chaya’s success at Kingsborough made her an ideal choice for the Karen Karlin G.E.D. Scholarship, which each year honors a student who earns his/her GED and goes on to excel academically as an undergraduate. This spring, Chaya will transfer to Amherst College, where she hopes to apply her mathematical acumen to either finance or medicine: “If I could meet the donors to this scholarship, I would thank them for helping me graduate from one dream college to another!”


 Muhammad Abdullah

Carroll and Milton Petrie Emergency Grant Fund
Major: Graphic Design and Illustration

Whether drawing or painting, ceramics or graphic design, Muhammad lives and breathes the arts on a daily basis. A native Californian, he now travels two hours every morning from the Bronx to attend Kingsborough: “having a beach literally outside the window reminds me of home, but I am even more drawn to what’s happening inside the classroom.” Muhammad is highly active on campus, serving as a Student Ambassador and the president of the Ceramics club. Yet like too many students, he also experienced a financial setback that could have easily forced him to drop out of school. Fortunately, Muhammad’s grant from the Carroll and Milton Petrie Foundation allowed him to overcome his emergency and stay the course. “Every time I reflect on the grant I received,” he says, “I reflect on the generous people who understand that the world can often be an unsettling place, and are therefore willing to help students like me who are going through tough times.”



Rachel Chow
Broadway Stages Scholarship Award
Major: Media Arts

As KCC’s first-ever recipient of the Broadway Stages Scholarship Award, Rachel’s talents as a filmmaker are matched only by her deep love and understanding of the craft. Since moving from her native Hong Kong to Brooklyn, NY, she has found a launching pad for her dreams in Kingsborough, and an invaluable mentor in Media Professor John Acosta: “he is such an enlightening teacher, and he pushes all of us to constantly explore new activities and opportunities.” A member of both the TV and Media clubs, Rachel has also assisted in shooting and editing footage of Homecoming and other events on campus. Citing filmmaker Wong Kar Wai and cinematographer Christopher Doyle as personal heroes, she hopes to make a similarly seismic impact in the industry one day as a film director. “I am so honored to have received this scholarship,” she says, “particularly as a recent immigrant. Not only does it help me to pay for expensive film equipment, but it really inspires me to keep moving towards my goal.”

 Luisa Escobar

Luisa Escobar
Southpole Foundation Scholarship
Major: Fashion Design

From a young age in her native El Salvador, Luisa had a passion for sewing outfits and coming up with creative clothing ideas. This passion only intensified when she visited New York City, where she was blown away by the marvels of the fashion world. After her sister enjoyed a positive Kingsborough experience, Luisa decided to follow in her footsteps: “I started out in the ESL program here, and now Kingsborough feels like a second home.” An honors student, Luisa has fully immersed herself in the college’s fashion design program, and after graduating plans to pursue her bachelor’s degree at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Like many international students, however, she is unable to receive any financial aid, which is why the Southpole Foundation Scholarship provided her a much-needed lifeline. “International students have a lot to give to society,” she says. “And scholarships like these provide both the financial and psychological motivation we need to keep doing well.”

 Elshaymaa Farrag

Elshaymaa Farrag  
Northfield Bank Foundation Scholarship
Major: Mental Health and Human Services

Growing up in Egypt, Elshaymaa had always aspired to make a career out of helping others. Yet when she moved to the United States, she was unable to enroll at Brooklyn College: “since my high school diploma was from a different country, they did not accept, so I chose Kingsborough as my Plan B.” As a Mental Health and Human Services major, Elshaymaa has benefitted from the kind and resourceful guidance of her professors, while also serving as a student ambassador and peer educator. Outside of school, the mother of three also finds the time to volunteer at her children’s school as a tutor and translator. After Kingsborough, Elshaymaa plans to attend Hunter College and to ultimately become a social worker specializing in children with autism: “Kingsborough prepared me for this future, and the Northfield Bank Foundation Scholarship helped me overcome the financial problems that stood in my way.”

 Jermani Faulk

Jermani Faulk
Gladys Brooks Foundation Scholarship for Student Leadership & Academic Excellence Award; Valedictorian Award (Funded in Memory of Fred Addes)
Major: Liberal Arts

At KCC, Jermani has made the most of his second chance: “I was dismissed from my old college because the only class I passed was volleyball. This spring, I am graduating from KCC as the valedictorian.” He credits this stunning transformation to three factors: cracking the books (much) harder, learning from remarkable professors, and channeling his outgoing personality to more productive ends. "I used to only care about being the popular guy at parties," he says. “KCC made me want to be a student leader on campus.” As a recipient of the Gladys Brook Foundation Scholarship, he is recognized for his leadership and civic engagement, which include serving as a student ambassador, providing tours for prospective students, helping to organize campus events and serving food to the homeless at his local church. After KCC, Jermani will pursue a bachelor’s degree in political science at Binghamton University, a logical next step for someone who hopes to one day be known as Senator Faulk.

 Jessica Lederman

Jessica Lederman
National Grid CXM Academy Scholarship
Major: Business Administration

Even before she enrolled at Kingsborough, Jessica had the mindset of an entrepreneur: “I was so focused on pursuing my business ideas that I wasn’t even thinking about college. Thankfully, my sister had gone to Kingsborough and convinced me to give it a chance.” Her sister’s advice has since paid off, as Jessica has found plenty of inspiration as a Business Administration major. She has particularly enjoyed learning from Professor Anna Geller, who enlivens her classes by relating concepts to her own professional career. Jessica has also benefitted from her involvement in the Customer Experience Management (CXM) Academy, which will help prepare her for her future career. “I would love to continue working with National Grid even after Kingsborough,” she says. “And being one of the CXM Academy scholarship recipients is also very inspiring; it will help me with my tuition while also pushing me to work even harder.”

 Raymond Pinnock

Raymond Pinnock
National Grid Scholarship and Internship; Northfield Bank Foundation Scholarship
Major: Physics

From an early age, Raymond found inspiration for his career goal: “I always knew I wanted to be a mechanical engineer, so I naturally gravitated towards mathematics and science.” This summer, he will have a unique opportunity to learn about this field firsthand as Kingsborough’s 2017 National Grid Intern. For Raymond, this opportunity is nothing less than a dream come true. “National Grid is one of the top companies that I would love to work for,” he says, “and I am confident that I will gain a wealth of knowledge and insight into my chosen field through this internship.” A native of Jamaica, Raymond is also an active member of Kingsborough’s International Students Union, where he tutors and serves as a peer mentor to other international students. His 10-year plan is to gain a senior role at a mechanical engineering company, support his grandparents and start a family of his own.

 Shariar Rahman

Shariar Rahman
Walter and Maryann Kann Scholarship
Major: Computer Science

Growing up without access to computers, Shariar has spent every year since making up for lost time. So when he moved from Bangladesh to Queens, NY, he was laser-focused on finding the right school to pursue his dream: “Kingsborough had great reviews online for its computer classes, and the stunning campus blew me away as well. It’s more than worth the long commute!” Shariar likens his favorite KCC professors to “great storytellers” who always come into class with great enthusiasm and confidence for their subjects. Due to graduate next spring, he hopes to then enroll in New York University and study artificial intelligence. “As of now, most scholarships are not open to international students like me,” Shariar says. “The Kann Scholarship is an exception. I don’t think I can ever fully express how grateful I am for this fact, but I hope to do the donors proud in my career!”

 David Reyes

David Reyes
Ambrose Monell Foundation Scholarship, Carroll and Milton Petrie Emergency Grant Fund
Major: Nursing

David’s ambition to become a nurse stems from a lifelong passion for helping others. “Being a great nurse isn’t just about treating patients medically,” he says. “It is also about giving them hope.” At Kingsborough, David sees his nursing professors not only as knowledgeable instructors, but as role models to emulate in his future career: “professors here are always ready to help students overcome both academic and personal obstacles.” In addition to being a full-time nursing student, he is also a single father of a five-year-old daughter. With the rigors of the nursing program leaving little or no time to work a job outside of class, David has often felt like he is living on the financial edge. Thankfully, the scholarships he received have helped him to continue affording the costs of his education: “My dream is to work as a nurse in a foreign country, serving less fortunate communities. Thanks to these scholarships, I am one step closer to my goal.”

 Zixing “Jenny” Zhuo

Zixing “Jenny” Zhuo
KCC Retirees Scholarship, National Grid CXM Academy Scholarship
Major: Accounting

Back in her native China, Jenny did not have the opportunity to attend college at all. Today, she holds a 4.0 GPA at Kingsborough and has her sights set on a promising career in accounting. “It is almost as though this college has magical power,” she says, “because it has altered so many students lives significantly. And I am one of them!” Currently in her second semester at Kingsborough, Jenny must balance the demands of her studies with two part-time jobs: one as a student aide in Kingsborough’s Office for College Advancement, and another as an assistant at a nail salon. Thankfully, she recently received some much-needed financial assistance through the KCC Retirees Scholarship, which is awarded annually to students who distinguish themselves through both strong academics and a deep appreciation for Kingsborough: “This award is an enormous honor, because it shows that my effort is worthy and noticed. In the same way that Kingsborough has impacted the lives of its retirees, it has also influenced me in a very profound way!”



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