Single Stop


Never had a credit card? Had too many and need to fix your credit? Think your credit is good but you have no idea what your credit score is? Come and see our financial counselor to figure it all out! He can pull your credit report(s), discuss what's on it, help you figure out which bank would work for you and your needs, and more! He'll work with you to achieve your financial goals - however long it takes! He's here every Tuesday 9AM-5PM by appointment only, V231.

  • Credit Report ( Trans Union, Equifax) 
  • Credit Repair ( debt, collections, bankruptcy, default on loans)
  • Establish Credit (1st credit, best options, what is credit?)
  • Budget ( budget planner, review finances) 
  • Savings ( best options, reasonable saving plans)
  • Loans (student loans, property loans)