Office of Institutional EffectivenessOffice of Institutional Research, Assessment, and Planning

This office facilitates the integration of assessment, planning, and research to encourage continuous improvement of academic programs, academic and student support services, and administrative services.

The primary functions of the Office are:

  • Institutional Effectiveness – Coordinate institutional assessments, facilitate strategic planning, and lead institutional accreditation activities

    • Institutional Research - Provide descriptive data and analytical reports that supply information to support decision making and accountability. 
    • Assessment – Lead, facilitate, and conduct Administrative, Educational, and Student Support (AES) assessment.

    • Planning - Support and coordinate long-term and annual strategic planning, and collaborate with other departments to connect institutional assessment, planning, and budget development.

To request data from the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, please email In your request, please be sure to include:

  1. What data you need
  2. What you need it for and
  3. A requested completion timeframe (e.g., urgently, by x date, 2 weeks, 1 month, end of semester, etc.).

When putting in your data request keep in mind that the more detail you can give us, the better we’ll be able to get you what you need. Please note that depending on the number of requests we have at the time and how complex your request is, it may take us at least 2-4 weeks to fulfil your request.