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KCC Honors Program: Scholarship, Service, Leadership

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Phi Theta Kappa International Honors Society
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Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

The Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society of the Two-Year College, established in 1918, is the largest honor society in American higher education with more than 1.5 million members and over 1,200 chapters located in all 50 states and abroad. Its purpose is to nurture academic excellence by promoting an intellectual climate and a special sense of community among high achieving students. Upon induction into Phi Theta Kappa, members pledge to uphold the hallmarks of scholarship, leadership, fellowship and service. Xi Kappa, the chapter at Kingsborough - begun in 1965 shortly after the College was founded - is one of the largest and most active chapters in the nation. In March 2006, Kingsborough was awarded the Phi Theta Kappa "Horizon Award" for the most revitalized chapter. It has also been accorded Five-Star status. Membership in this prestigious society affords numerous benefits to its members including thousands of dollars in transfer scholarships offered by many four-year colleges and universities. A complete listing of scholarships can be found at

Phi Theta Kappa membership will be entered on the transcript, published on the Kingsborough Honors Program website, and noted in the Commencement booklet.

At Graduation, students are eligible to wear the Society's gold silk stole and tassel (available for purchase in the Honors House), will lead all graduates into the assembly area, and will be seated in a special section during the Graduation Ceremony.

"Phi Theta Kappa was really a cornerstone of my Kingsborough education. It became so much more than just a database of scholarships. Through active participation I was able to meet so many wonderful people, travel to beautiful places all over the country, and to really learn how to become the best student I could be - both academically and through civic engagement. PTK and the KCC Honors mentors challenged me to reach new heights. Through their support I was empowered to become a leader - an experience that will help me for the rest of my life. Thank You!"

-Orlit Salman, Phi Theta Kappa Xi Kappa Chapter President, Spring 2012

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must have earned 12 or more credits.
  • Must have achieved a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or higher, with no grades of D, F, FIN, INC, R, or WU.
  • Must have passed the CUNY Skills Assessment Tests in Reading and Writing.


  • Xi Kappa is a very active student organization at Kingsborough. It offers members a rich variety of co-curricular activities, on- and off-campus including Satellite Seminars Series and travel to regional and national conventions and conferences. Members are invited to attend chapter meetings and the most active students are encouraged to run for office.
  • To remain a member in good standing, students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00.


  • Golden Membership Lapel Pin
  • Certificate of Membership & Member Identification Card
  • Notation on your Academic Transcripts
  • Opportunity to purchase Golden Monogrammed Honors Stole, Tassel and Cords to wear at Graduation and Gold Seal for KCC Diploma(s)
  • Recommendation Letters upon request
  • Opportunity to attend regional and national conferences for active members
  • Access to $35 million members only scholarships

Certificate and Ceremony

  • After joining, students will receive a membership package from the Phi Theta Kappa Headquarters that contains a membership certificate, an ID, and the Society's gold pin of excellence. (Delivery timetable approximately 6-8 weeks.)
  • New members are formally inducted in an official annual induction ceremony each May. Invitations will be sent to all new members with the opportunity to bring their family members and friends to the ceremony and the reception that will follow.

Application Process

  • A letter of invitation will be sent by both email and mail from the president of the college at the beginning of each term to eligible students. Eligible students are able to apply at anytime during the semester.
  • Membership requires a one-time $60 lifetime fee transmitted to the international headquarters of Phi Theta Kappa. This fee is payable by credit or debit card using the Phi Theta Kappa online system:

For Further Information

  • Visit the Associate Provost office in M386 or call (718) 368-5029.
  • Visit the Honors House in M377 or call (718) 368-5365.
  • Refer to Phi Theta Kappa in the College Catalog.
  • Contact the Xi Kappa faculty advisors:

Helen-Margaret Nasser - Assistant Director of Honors Program
M377, (718)368-4954
Professor Caterina Pierre - Department of Art
S253, (718) 368-4622
Professor Morton Wagman - Department of History, Philosophy and Political Science
D116, (718) 368-5621

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