Once a student manifests some of the signs of emotional distress, a faculty member may take one or more of the following actions:

  • Approach the student and suggest a meeting after class. The meeting should be in a private location
  • Indicate in a supportive manner that you have noticed that the student seems “troubled/upset.” “tuned out”
  • If the student does not want to discuss any personal matters with you respect his/her reluctance and gently indicate that counselors are available at the College Counseling Services
  • If the student indicates a willingness to discuss his/her problems, listen —without making too many responses or suggestions
  • If you think the student would be receptive to seeing a counselor at the College, discuss referring him/her to the Counseling Services. You may choose to contact a counselor you know personally or call the office at the following main number: (718) 368-5975. It is advisable to accompany the student to the office in D-102 versus leaving it to them to come on their own.  Alternatively, you can ask that a counselor contact a student if the student knows that you have arranged this.