About Us

The Kingsborough Community College Foundation is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) philanthropic organization through which individuals, foundations and corporations can make tax exempt gifts to benefit our students, faculty and college. It is governed by an independent board of trustees elected on a rotating basis. The KCC Foundation Board of Trustees represents the commercial, financial, publishing, philanthropic, utilities, legal, real estate, health care, community development, and public relations industries of New York City. In addition, the board members are representatives from our alumni, faculty, and administration.

The primary reason to give to the Kingsborough Community College Foundation is a belief in the College's mission to provide high quality education and to support continuous improvement in all areas related to student learning, including faculty development and scholarship, instructional programs, student services, administrative and support staff, and improving the campus environment. Kingsborough has always depended upon the support of our alumni, retirees, community and friends support for which we are deeply grateful.