Transfer Applicants (Degree Status)

Since Graduating from high school or receiving a GED Diploma, have you attended a college, university, or post secondary institution?

If yes, you are required to complete a transfer application; if no, complete a freshman application.

Please use the following checklist to assist you in completing the transfer application process (preliminary documents):NOTE: Submit your application on-line or at the college (see note below)

  • A completed and signed City University of New York (CUNY) Application.
  • A $70.00 personal check or money order or credit card (if applying via web) payable to the University Application Processing Center (U.A.P.C.); Please no cash .
  • Proof of Immunization for Measles, Mumps and Rubella MMR's if you are born on or after January 1, 1957 (including a Meningococcal Meningitis response form) must be completed and signed before selecting classes. Please call the Office of Health Services at 718-368-5684 or visit their website for the free immunization clinic schedule or further clarification of immunization requirements.
  • One of the following: an original high school diploma or Original G.E.D. Diploma and scores or an official college transcript (if 24 college credits have been completed).If transferring with under 24 completed credits an official high school transcript is required.
  • Request and have mailed to the UAPC all college, university or trade school official transcripts (please see note below for details).
  • When submitting applications to the U.A.P.C please send photocopies of original documents. Please have official high school/college transcripts mailed directly to the U.A.P.C.
  • When submitting applications in person at K.C.C. please bring all original/official documents, (copies will be made for you).
  1. Spring (March) applicants apply on-line (Please click)
  2. If you were educated (high school or college) abroad file on-line (Please click)
Degree Transfer students from outside of CUNY may be required to take the CUNY Assessment Tests. You will be notified of the test requirement upon submission of the college application at KCC or by mail. Please call the Office of Testing 718-368-4975.
Please call 718-368-4600 or e-mail info@kbcc.cuny.edufor further information.
Thank you.