The Office of Freshman Services

Our program assists freshman students in making a comfortable and successful transition to Kingsbrough Community College. We address the vital needs and concerns of our students. By offering accurate information and support services we help to lessen the anxieties of students who have never attended college before. 

Our Mission:

Freshman Services is dedicated to students' personal, social and academic growth. We work closely with students through advisement in developing a mutually agreed upon plan which will aid in the identity and achievement of their educational, career and life goals. We foster an environment which encourages student growth, promotes self-sufficiency and academic responsibility.

We respect the rights and dignity of all of all our students. We strive to dissuade prejudice, endeavoring to enable students to learn from the differences in people, ideas, and beliefs. We teach students the need to show consideration for others and respect all individuals. We encourage the development of close ties and strong relationships between students and other students, as well as students and our staff. It is our belief that these relationships form solid connections enhancing our goals of a student centered environment.

Freshman Services

Room:    F-123

Phone:   (718) 368-4806

Fax:        (718) 368-6645

Office Hours:

Monday:      9am-5pm

Tuesday:      9am-5pm

Wednesday: 9am-5pm

Thursday:     9am-5pm

Friday:          9am-5pm

Upcoming Events:


Freshman Services Trick or Treat 

Collaboration with Student Success Center, Opening Doors and Transfer Success Center

11:00am - 2pm, Room: U-113


Hot Chocolate Social

11:00am-2pm, Room: U-113