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TRiO Student Support Services Program


Dear Student:

You can pass through your college years, but never feeling anchored or connected. This is not the best way to pursue higher education.  College is enhanced when you are connected and have a home base, a point underscored when a campus is as vast as Kingsborough.

TRiO can be your home base. We offer support, information on a myriad of opportunities, and so much more. To borrow the slogan from an old commercial, if you don’t look good, we don’t look good; and we make sure that you look good. TRiO students have a slightly higher retention rate than the rest of the college and are represented on honors rosters. We may be intrusive, but we are frequently more on your side than you are. We go the extra mile to research answers to your questions which may be difficult to obtain, but are critical to your retention.

At TRiO, we address the whole person. We know that you have responsibilities outside of college, but we also know that academic performance impacts on your future. TRiO counselors address all obstacles to academic progression. We help you identify a feasible major, the foundation of your academic career. We offer sound advisement and keep apprised on all college modifications which impact on your major.

Many TRiO students are also affiliated with Access-Ability Services, the program for students with disabilities; VASO (The Office of Military and Veteran Affairs); College Discovery; College Now; Men’s /Women’s Resource Centers, and others.

On behalf of the entire KCC TRiO community, I wish you academic success. TRiO ACCEPTS NEW STUDENTS THROUGHOUT THE CALENDAR YEAR. Please come to D-205 or contact me.  


Faith Fogelman, ACSW
Program Director, TRiO Student Support Services

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